A Cobb County Public Library (CCPLS) card may be obtained by visiting any of our library locations.

Cobb County Public Library cards are free to all Cobb County residents as well as people who own property or photo3businesses within Cobb County. CCPLS also issues library cards to educators and businesses (owners) in Cobb County, and current Cobb County employees. The person applying for the library card is responsible for all items checked out on the card.

A Cobb County library card allows patrons to borrow library materials, use the library’s public access computers, request materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service, and other Cobb County Public Library System services. A valid library card must be used to borrow library materials. If the patron has forgotten the card, photo identification or acceptable identification must be presented.

Minor’s Cards

A child who is 16 years of age and under must have a parent or guardian present to provide current identification and to sign the library card application. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for all lost and damaged items and fines and fees on the child’s library card. The parent or legal guardian must authorize access to the Internet for any child less than 17 years of age. A juvenile card is issued to a child from birth to 12; a young adult card is issued to a teen from 13- 16 years of age. Federal law requires this authorization; it must be given in person with the child’s registration being signed by the parent or legal guardian

Temporary Cards

Temporary cards can be issued to adults 17 years old or older residing at a temporary residence within Cobb County. The adult must present acceptable identification and proof of temporary residency. The proof of temporary residency may be a piece of mail addressed to the residency and postmarked within the past ten days or a letter from a service agency agreeing to accept the patron’s mail. The temporary card is valid for three (3) months from date of issue. Interlibrary loan service is not available to temporary card holders. A total of two (2) items may be check out on the card at any time. The card is neither transferable nor renewable.

A parent or legal guardian may register a child for a temporary card. The parent or guardian’s library card must be in good standing without any outstanding fines or fees above $10.00. The parent or guardian is responsible for all fines and fees and lost or damaged materials charged on the card. The parent or legal guardian must authorize access to the Internet for any child under 17 years of age. Federal law requires this authorization; it must be given in person with the child’s registration being signed by the parent or legal guardian.

ADA/Homebound Cards

A patron who is unable to visit a library in Cobb County Public Library System because of age, illness, or disability may register for an ADA/Homebound library card. The person facilitating the registration should provide proof of identity for the homebound person. Authorization should be given to persons to check out or pick up library materials on behalf of the cardholder.

Educator’s Library Cards

The educator card is a special card that entitles educators to borrow materials for use in the classroom.  It does not replace the personal library card.  the following educators are eligible to apply for a Cobb County Public Library System (CCPLS) Educator Card at any CCPLS location.

  • Educators from preschool, K-12, public, private, and parochial schools, and licensed childcare centers.
  • Cobb homeschool parents and guardians.
  • Educators who live outside Cobb County, but teach in Cobb County.

How to Apply:

  • Visit any Cobb County public library to complete the educator’s card application
  • Present current school-issued photo ID, current letter on school’s letterhead confirming employment, and additional identification with home address.
  • Homeschooling parents and guardians must present current copy of their intent to home school and an additional identification showing Cobb residency.
  • Educator card is issued for the school year and expires on July 31st.  The card can be renewed by providing current identification and must be in good standing with all fines and fees paid.

Special Privileges:

  • Check out a total of 50 items, except DVDs, videos, adult popular best sellers, and interlibrary loans.
  • Borrow the items for 9 weeks, no renewals.
  • Access to electronic resources, downloadable books and more.


  • Cobb County Public Library System’s card and circulation policies apply.
  • Keep track of all items checked out; receipts listing items with due date are given at time of check out.
  • Library staff may limit the number of titles checked out on a particular suject.
  • Card will be blocked if fines and fees reach $10.00
  • Lost and damaged items must be paid.
  • Materials checked out with an educator’s care are for classroom use and not for personal use.

Business Cards

A business card can be issued to local businesses, private day care centers, and other organizations and agencies located in Cobb County. In order to obtain a business card, the CEO or business officer must submit a statement of responsibility for fines and fees associated with the card on the business’s letterhead with signature. All library circulation policies apply to the business card.

Non-County Residents

Non-county residents can obtain a library card by completing an application, providing acceptable identification, and $30.00 per person per year at any Cobb library.

Cobb County Employees

Current Cobb County Government employees can obtain a library card with acceptable identification. A non-resident employee is one who works for Cobb County but lives outside of the County. CCPLS employee cards are not limited to library employees. All library circulation policies apply.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

The Cobb County Public Library System requires the following forms of identification as proof of residency:

1. Current Georgia driver’s license or Georgia state-issued identification with a photograph which shows a current address


2. Georgia identification or other photo ID with a prior address, plus one of the following:

• Utility bill detailing a period within the last 30 days
• Bank statement issued within the last 30 days or personalized checks with current address
• Current completed lease with dates, address, and name
• Paycheck or paycheck stub issued within the past 30 days
• School schedule or transcript for current or preceding calendar year with name, address, and date
• Current voter registration card

Cobb County employees must bring their badges and proof of address, regardless of county of residence to register their cards.

Renewal of Library Card

Library cards are renewed every two (2) years. To renew an existing card, patron must be present, provide proof of current address, and card must be in good standing.

Lost or Stolen Library Cards

Lost or stolen library cards must be reported immediately in person, by telephone, or by email to prevent unauthorized use or access. Patrons are responsible for all use of their library cards and all items checked out on their cards.

Replacement Library Cards

A replacement library card can be issued with appropriate identification. A replacement fee is charged for lost, stolen or damaged library card.

Change of Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the patron to inform the library of any change in mailing address.


At the time of application, patrons will be asked to provide a personal identification number (PIN) to assign to their library card for access to their library account. Patrons completing a library card application will also be provided the opportunity to register to vote.



Please contact us at 770-528-2320 if you have any further questions about obtaining or renewing your library card.

Approved: Library Board of Trustees
August 25, 2014
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