Cobb County Public Library System (CCPLS) offers Interlibrary Loan (ILL) as a service to all library patrons with valid CCPLS library cards in good standing. All requests for loans must be in accordance with the National Interlibrary Loan Code.i book

Purpose of Interlibrary Loan

To obtain library materials not owned by CCPLS for CCPLS patrons.

What items may be requested?

  • Requests may be made for books not owned by CCPLS. The library catalog should be checked to make sure the item is not available at CCPLS. Any item owned by CCPLS should be placed on hold.
  • Photocopies of newspaper and periodical articles may be requested, though many periodicals are now available full-text on the library’s online resources.
  • There is a limit of five open ILL requests. Items requested must be over $10.00 in value.
  • An item may be borrowed one (1) time within a three month period for the same patron.

What items are not available?

  • Libraries do not lend rare or fragile items, books published within the last year, items in high demand, microfilm/fiche, reference materials, genealogy materials, and audio-visual materials.
  • Any item owned by CCPLS. Requests for the print format may be accepted if the only format owned by CCPLS is in audiobook or e-book.

Are there any charges?

  • Generally, there is no charge for this service; however, the lending library may impose fees for photocopies, postage, or damaged or lost materials. These charges are passed on to the patron.
  • In order to expedite an interlibrary loan request, the patron is asked to indicate the maximum fee amount willing to pay for an item. CCPLS suggests $10.00 per book; $1.00 per page per periodical article. The charges are payable by check only.
  • If no amount is given, ($0.00) amount will be assumed. CCPLS will notify the patron if the lending agency’s policy exceeds the maximum.
  • The patron is responsible for charges up to the amount agreed even if the interlibrary loan is not picked up.

How soon will the item arrive?

  • Please allow at least two weeks. Fulfillment of the request depends on the availability of the item, the prompt handling by the lending institution, and delivery time.
  • ILL procedures prohibit CCPLS’s attempt to expedite a loan through communication with lending institutions.
  • CCPLS will notify patron of the arrival of item.

What is the loan period?

  • The lending library sets the loan period for the material. Typically, the loan period is for two weeks. The actual time the patron may have the items depends on how promptly the item is picked up. All items are subject to immediate recall.
  • Renewals are not automatic. Renewals are only permitted if the lending library allows an extension. Request to renew an item should be made 3-4 business days before the due date.
  • Lending libraries may designate some items for “in-library-use only.”

What are the late fees?

  • CCPLS charges $2.00 per day late fee.
  • The lending library may impose substantial additional fees and fines for lost, damaged, or late items.

What items may be requested?

  • CCPLS will lend books from the circulating collection, except for items in high demand and published within the last year.
  • Photocopies of any material in the collection will be provided by CCPLS, within guidelines of Copyright Law, without charge.

What items may not be requested?

  • Items published within the last year, high demand items, reference titles, Georgia Room materials, audio-visual materials, and items on hold.

What is the loan period?

  • CCPLS will lend items to other institutions for two weeks.
  • Renewals as per library policies will be made. Request to renew items should be made at least three days prior to the due date.

I understand that as a borrower, I am responsible for:

  • Any charges assessed by the lending institution, whether or not I chose to use the item.
  • Overdue fines of $2.00 per day as assessed by CCPLS and additional overdue fines and/or fees imposed by the lending institution.
  • Replacement cost plus processing fees assessed by the lending library, if the item is lost or damaged while in the patron’s possessions.
  • Compliance with the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Approved: Library Board of Trustees
January 27, 2014
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