All electronic devices should be operated in a way that does not disturb others in the library. The following acceptable use of electronic devices is expected:cell

  • The volume of any device should be off or low enough to be inaudible to others.
  • The ringers on cell phones should be turned off or silenced.
  • Brief cellular phone calls are permitted as long as they are quiet and courteous of others around, or are held in a designated area such as lobby, restroom, or outside.
  • Extended conversations should be held in the lobby or other designated area of the library or outside.
  • Cellular phones may not be used during a library program.

Library staff may intervene if a patron’s use of an electronic device is deemed as disruptive or loud. Staff may request that the patron lower the volume of device or voice, move to a designated area, end call, or turn off the device.

This policy is to ensure that all patrons have a pleasant and comfortable visit to the library.

Approved: Library Board of Trustees
November 25, 2013
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