The Cobb County Public Library System is committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and secure for library patrons and employees as well as maintaining the security of its facilities and property. The use of cameras to observe activities in Library facilities will enhance security and aid in protecting the safety of library patrons and library property. Signage disclosing this activity will be posted at the library’s monitoring

The camera monitoring equipment may be installed on Library property as a tool to address specific security related problems. Authorized library staff will review the placement of monitoring equipment on an annual basis. Additional equipment will be installed when needed and as funds allow. The camera monitoring equipment will not be positioned in areas that would compromise personal privacy. The camera monitoring equipment will not record activity.

Camera monitoring equipment will be utilized under the following conditions:

  • Areas that are difficult to monitor due to staffing.
  • Lack of direct site lines.
  • Areas that are difficult to monitor due to remoteness.
  • Areas that experience recurring security related incidences.
  • Areas that are prone to vandalism.

This policy is designed to make the library environment a safe place to visit and to keep the library facility, collection and equipment in good condition for all to use.


Approved: Library Board of Trustees
September 24, 2012
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