Joe Kirby wrote history books on the transformation of Marietta and Cobb County from a “backwater” rural area to a robust community. The longtime editorial page editor and columnist of the Marietta Daily Journal died on October 30.

Books by Joe Kirby

As a journalist, Kirby wrote often about veterans, from stories about wartime experiences to life after military service. His father, Joseph F. Kirby, is a World War II veteran.

Joe Kirby’s books will be a resource for years to come for anyone seeking to understand the story of Cobb County, says Carolyn Crawford, head of the Georgia Room, the Cobb County Public Library System’s historic and genealogical collection at the Switzer Library.

Says Crawford:

Joe Kirby had a passion and appreciation for history and for Cobb County. Joe wrote four books about Cobb County – two about Marietta, one about the Bell Bomber Plant and one about Lockheed Martin.

Joe’s book about the Bell Bomber Plant shows how important the plant was in World War II for making “the biggest, fastest and most technologically advanced airplane ever built to that point – the B-29 Superfortress bomber.”  The Bell Bomber book is dedicated to Joe’s family, readers of the MDJ and “the tens of thousands of men and women who spent World War II building B-29’s and flying them.” As we honor our veterans of all wars, Joe’s book illustrates the impact of the Bell Bomber plant on planes and people, particularly in World War II.

The four books by Joe Kirby are available in the Library System’s Adult Collection:

Marietta by Joe Kirby and photographer Damien A. Guarnieri

Marietta Revisited by Joe Kirby and Damien A. Guarnieri

The Bell Bomber Plant by Joe Kirby

The Lockheed Plant by Joe Kirby

A Writer’s Legacy: Joe Kirby’s Passion for Marietta, Cobb County History
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