The book and author already were garnering lots of attention. Now, there is more. Named last night as the 2015 National Book Award winner for non-fiction, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is widely described as a provocative exploration of race and inequality in the United States.

BetweenTheWorldAndMeYou can sign up for the waiting list for the library’s print edition of the book at or by contacting any of the 16 Cobb County library locations. Between the World and Me is also in the library’s digital collection in eBook and eAudiobook formats.

From a review in Library Journal:

In this extended open letter to his young son, Samori, Atlantic national correspondent and senior editor Coates (The Beautiful Struggle) reflects further on his unlikely road to manhood and escape from the maw of America’s tradition-nay, heritage-of destroying the black body. Mixing memoir, discourse, and outcry, Coates details what it has meant and what it means to be black in America, especially what it has meant and means to be a black male. His review pays special attention to the American Dream amid the physically painful and exhausting realities of U.S. ghettos from slavery to the killing fields of Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore, where he grew up living in fear. Pleading for his son to understand the struggle even as it shifts in time and place, Coates cautions against illusions that America’s racism exists in a distant past that needs not be discussed.

Publishers reportedly submitted almost 500 entries for the 2015 non-fiction National Book Award.

Videos from the November 18 awards ceremony in New York City and more information on the National Book Award winners – Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Young People’s Literature – are posted at

A Major Prize for ‘Between the World and Me’
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