dsc_0039-1500x1114Pictionary has never looked like this before!

The Dream, Dare, Discover Virtual Reality Art Program was held Saturday at Switzer Library. Attendees got the chance to don goggles to enter a virtual reality environment where they competed in a rousing game of Pictionary.

Getting acclimated to the sensors and headgear didn’t take long for most of the participants, who promptly got the hang of changing paint colors and brush styles. The audience was positioned in front of a screen that showed the virtual drawing being created in real time. How rapidly these drawings took shape was amazing, and cool brush styles (rainbow!) impressed the crowd, who were also entertained by the “dance” of creating the artwork itself. Participants drew in large scale from floor to overhead, all around them in space, and writing words was done with the entire arm, as if conducting an orchestra.

How did it compare with the traditional version of the game? According to Juliana, age 9, “it was better than regular Pictionary because it was 3D and you could walk around in your drawing.” She added that “picking shapes to draw with was really fun.” Her sister Bella, age 10, said that wearing the virtual reality goggles “felt a little weird at first”, but also gave the experience a big thumbs up. Eleven year old Kennedee was most impressed by the “colors swirling out at me” and that “you could scroll with your hands to see different dimensions.” Wade, age 11, said “it felt like being in a smaller boxed-in world with the glasses on, and taking the glasses off at the end of the game was strange.” Zoe, age 9 added that she felt like she was “in a cage with colors all around me. It was so cool!”

Ten year old Bella summed up well when she said “it was an amazing experience that I think a lot of people will enjoy doing…if they get the chance.” With this new technology available and coming soon to several Cobb County Libraries, our goal is to give as many people the chance to experience it as possible.

This program was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Technology Act Grants to States Program.

A Fun Time Was Virtually Had by All
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